New Music rotation and more.

AS you can now see I have updated and put in a NEW rotation of music. I am still adding to it right now and I will continue to add to it as new music comes in via my personal collection or by submissions from bands and labels. A big thanks to David Garrison as you can also see he has helped to update the website and I hope that you will enjoy the changes.

NOW FOR THE MORE. We are in DESPERATE NEED of Donations. We just simply don’t have enough to make it the rest of this year and as you know Sanctus Gladius is listener supported. We depend on your donations to help keep us on the air. In addition to just keeping on the air we are trying to get what we need to become licensed to be able to play a bigger selection of stuff. We also are trying to increase our bandwidth as Sanctus Gladius Radio has grown enough that we really need to add more bandwidth to make room for more to tune it. If you are able to give ANYTHING please click the donate button.


As you also know Metal For Christ has been off the air since September 2014 due to internet connection at my place being unstable enough to do the show without you hearing spotty skipping and cutting in and out of the music. I will try a live show pretty soon to see if it has improved enough that I can continue. But WE NEED MORE DJ’S. Right now we only have 2 and only one of them at the moment is currently active on a regular basis. If you are interested contact me at You will need Winamp media player and Shoutcast DSP, I will provide the DSP as I use an older but stable version of it. You will also need a microphone Other than that you just need me to help you with some specifics to get logged on to broadcast.

If you have any comments or Questions please contact me.


New Music Added


Adorned In Ash – The Dead Walk Among Us
Adorned In Ash – Broken Glass Reflection
Ascendant – The Void
Ascendant – The Foundation
Asylum – Faith In Us
Blindfold Execution – Forbidden
Blindfold Execution – Vipers
Blood Thirsty – Crush The Head Of The Serpent
Blood Thirsty – Day The Devil Lost
Brainchild – Nihilistic Void
Brainchild – Helldweller
Christageddon – Carry My Cross
Christageddon – The Lamb Shall Rise
David Benson – Demon’s Call
David Benson – Evil Killer
Demon Hunter – What I’m Not
Demon Hunter – Death
Exousia – I Need You
Exousia – Martyrs
Forfeit Thee Untrue – Seven
Forfeit Thee Untrue – Screaming In Silence
For Today – Arm The Masses
Hortor – Ancient Fires Burn
Hortor – Cleansed With Precious Blood
Impending Doom – Death Will Reign
Impending Doom – Doomsday
In-Graved – Thorn In the Flesh
In-Graved – Never Surrender
Into Chaos – Exiled
Into Chaos – Your Sacrifice
Katumus – Eternal Flame
Katumus – Doomed In Madness
Last Battle – Glory To The Heroes
Last Battle – Last Battle
Living Sacrifice – Black Veil
Luminaria – World Built On Sand
Luminaria – Obsession Elyseenne
Mercy – Beast Of The Sea
Mercy – Kingdom Of Holiness
O Wretched Man – Awaken The Warrior
Pantokrator – Amidst The Wolves
Pantokrator – Cast Down
Prepared Like A Bride – The Dark River
Prepared Like A Bride – The Valley Of Shadow And Death
Pylon – Saligia
Pylon – The Curse Of Eden
Quest For Serenity – Amidst The Tempest
Quest For Serenity – Battle Of The Will
Scarlet Warfare – Reforge Life With Flames And Grace
Scarlet Warfare – The Moment The Clouds Were Broken
Sit At My Right Hand – Erase
Sit At My right Hand – Ash At My Feet
Sobre Todo Nombre – I Give It All
Sobre Todo Nombre – The voices Of The Righteous
The Autumn League – We The Redeemed
The Autumn League – The End Of Enimity
To Cross An Angel – Saprophyte
To Cross An Angel – This World Is Not Ours
Underoath – Act Of Depression
Underoath – Cries Of The Past
Valheron – When You Born Again
Valheron – Today We Suffer
Virgin Black – Silent
Virgin Black – And I Am Suffering
Visionaire – Reflection
Visionaire – Winter’s Eye

Donations Drive

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for the support so far during this donation drive. But we are not quite there yet. Keep in mind that every donation of $50 or more will get a cd and every donation of $75 or more will get two cd’s. Make sure you spread the word about the donations drive and once again thank you for your support.

More Music Added!


Music has been added to the random stream from the following releases:


Abated Mass of Flesh: The Anatomy of Impurity
Ark of the Covenant: Self Harvest
Arnion: Revolução
Creations: Unworthy/Humility
Colossus: Time and Eternal
Consuming Fire: In Nomine Patris
Corpse: Among the Dead
Deuteronomium: The Amen
Faith: Decade of Dispair
For Today: Prevailer
Hating Evil, Inc: Demo
Hope for the Dying: Aletheia
Julgamento: Conflito Interno
Krig: Decay’s Beholder
Overcome: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets
Perpetual Faith: Demo
Pylon: The Harrowing of Hell
Sacredfice: Screen Of Anguish
Taine: Resurrection
Those Who Fear: UnHoly Anger

More Music Added!


Music has been added to the random stream from the following releases:

Abated Mass Of Flesh: The Omen King
Agonal: A Suffering Complete
Broken Flesh: Warbound
Clamor: Mundo Em Falência
Dynamus: Quando Estou Fraco Então Sou Forte
Elijah’s Tomb: Elijah’s Tomb
Enshrouding: Time To Kill The Beast
Every Knee Shall Bow: Slayers Of Eden
Extol: Extol
MelchizedeK: No Rapture
Soul Embraced: Mythos
The Burial: In The Taking Of Flesh
Última Ceia: Jesus 777

Steve Rowe: Retiring In 2015


Steve Rowe has announced his plan to retire Mortification and Wonrowe Vision sometime in 2015. We here at Sanctus Gladius Radio wish to send our love and blessings to Steve Rowe and all of those who have been involved with Mortification and Wonrowe Vision! We encourage each of you who have been positively influenced by Mortification and Wonrowe Vision’s music to send them a note of appreciation! The following is an excerpt of the message that he posted on the Rowe Productions home page:

May everyone who has supported Mortification, Wonrowe Vision and Lightforce for the past 27 years have GOD’S PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING as you all read this latest update.

I have made a decision that I will be retiring from Christian Music as of 2015. Not exactly sure WHEN in 2015, but our Australian Manager Vic Campbell and I are working on a plan to perform a BIG Double-Header Wonrowe Vision/Mortification show at a major festival here in Australia at some point during 2015. Our American Manager Sherri Ross knows this decision now, but it has been difficult for me to tell Sherri because you all know JUST HOW HARD Sherri works on a daily basis promoting Mortification and Wonrowe Vision! We are all pretty sad about this decision but when it is time, it is time. The reasons are purely physical and financial. I have always known that when the financial strain became so harsh that it started affecting my health and family then that would be the time to PLAN to finish.

The GOOD NEWS is that both Bands will still be active until the last show and of course I will always be around and involved in Heavy Gospel Music!! I am assured that ALL members of Mortification past and present will honor the Mortification legacy and that all will be happy to let Mortification rest where it is left!!!!!!! In 2015 I will celebrate my 50th Birthday, 30 years in Gospel Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal Mission, 25 years Mortification, 5 years Wonrowe Vision and 18 years out of triple cancer! A BIG YEAR ON WHICH TO PLACE A BIG FULL STOP.

Considering all of the physical consequences of those cancer, chemo and radiation years I am surprisingly in very good health. But the strain of working and working to perform and present God’s GOSPEL MESSAGE year after year in Gospel Metal is taking its toll on myself and my family. We are ALWAYS battling the FINANCIAL COST that has brought with it way too many concerns about the future…

Read the full message by Clicking Here!

Spring 2013 Give-A-Way!

Spring 2013

Sanctus Gladius Records, Roxx Productions, Metal Helm (Starve The Flesh/Nokternal Hemizphear) and Shigionoth Records have come together to present to you our annual Spring Give-A-Way 2013!

This year we have put together some awesome Christian Heavy Metal prize packages featuring CD’s, T-Shirts, Patches and more!  You can check out what is in each prize level below!  This year’s give-a-way begins on April 1, 2013 and concludes on June 1, 2013.

Entering to win is easy!  Simply tune in to any of our fantastic live broadcasts on Sanctus Gladius Radio and listen for the audio queue, prompting you to email (subject of “Contest”) the DJ currently on the air.  The first person to email the DJ is then entered to be a part of the final drawing for each of the prize packages (only ONE entry per episode, per person).


Starve The Flesh T-Shirt (STF)
Sanctus Gladius Logo Patch (STF/SGR)
Forfeit Thee Untrue: Blood Soaked Splinter CD (SGR)
Brutal War: Revelation 666 CD (SGR)
Imperial Dusk: Riders Of Vikings CD (SGR)
Armath Sargon: Under The Moon And The Sun CD (NH)
Dying Blaze Patch (NH)
Sorrowstorm Logo Sticker (NH)
Inner Siege: Kingdom Of Shadows CD (ROXX)
Michael Philips Poster (ROXX)
Ultimatum Patch (ROXX)
Ultimatum Glossy Photo (ROXX)
Ultimatum Guitar Pick (ROXX)
Monotheist: Unforsaken CD (SHIG)


Sanctus Gladius Logo Patch (STF/SGR)
Through The Thorns: Woodland Horizons CD (SGR)
Dying Blaze Patch (NH)
Sorrowstorm Logo Sticker (NH)
Fire Throne: Day Of Darkness And Blackness CD (NH)
Ultimatum Glossy Photo (ROXX)
Ultimatum Guitar Pick (ROXX)
Ultimatum: Heart Of Metal CD (ROXX)
Monotheist: Unforsaken CD (SHIG)


Sanctus Gladius Logo Patch (STF/SGR)
Dark Night: Cemetery Porter CD (SGR)
Dying Blaze: Attera Obscurum CD (NH)
Sorrowstorm Logo Sticker (NH)
Ultimatum Guitar Pick (ROXX)
Monotheist: Unforsaken CD (SHIG)


Divine Incarnation: Judgment Against The Nations CD (SGR)
Boarders: R-Existence Deluxe Edition CD (ROXX)


Forfiet Thee Untrue: Blood Soaked Splinter CD (SGR)
Nephesh: Hated By This World CD (NH)

(SGR) Sanctus Gladius Records
(STF) Starve The Flesh
(NH) Nokternal Hemizphear
(SHIG) Shigionoth Records
(ROXX) Roxx Records

Sanctuary International: Homeless Ministry

We wanted to share this message posted by our close friend and brother in Christ, Pastor Bob Beeman, today via Facebook:

“One of our homeless friends died of hypothermia on the steps of a locked church last night. We don’t want to lose any more of them! We need your help with purchasing more thermal bags to distribute to the less fortunate. The thermal bags will keep our friends warm, even down to 30°F below zero. Will you help? The thermal bags are only two dollars each for us to purchase. If you are ready, willing and able to make a donation on the secure Sanctuary PayPal account, it would be greatly appreciated! To make the donation, simply CLICK HERE! Any amount is acceptable and greatly appreciated! God bless!”

Sanctuary International

More Music Added!


Just Added To The Random Server:

Bloodbath (Thrash)
Blood of the Martyrs (Deathcore)
Dead Pharisees (Thrash)
Drop Dead (Thrash)
Encircled, The (Thrash)
Every Knee Shall Bow (Deathcore)
Pantokrator (Death)
Saving Grace (Deathcore)
Sword Of Judgement (Thrash)
Syringe (Death)
This Divided World (Deathcore)
Vardøger (Unblack)

Updated Random Playlist


The following list features bands that we uploaded songs to our random play server during the past month! A handful of the bands mentioned below, having been included previously, have had brand new tracks placed into rotation. We hope that you enjoy the new music!

AntiDemon [Unblack]
AntiVenom [Unblack]
Beckoning, The [Unblack]
Betrayal [Thrash]
Brutal Cross [Death]
Century Sleeper [Doom]
Chain Flesh [Thrash]
Dark Night [Unblack]
Divine Storm [Death]
Divulgence [Death]
Doomenicus [Doom]
Eulabes [Death]
Faith [Doom]
Forsaken [Doom]
I Built The Cross [Death]
Imperial Dusk [Unblack]
Inversion [Death]
Join The Dead [Thrash]
Martyr [Thrash]
Nomad Son [Doom]
Novoy Zavet [Doom]
Oil [Thrash]
Place Of Skulls [Doom]
Pÿlon [Doom]
Romero [Death]
Step Cousin [Thrash]
Stone Vengeance [Thrash]
Tourniquet [Thrash]
Tsavo Inc [Thrash]
Under The Sun [Doom]
Unleashed Power [Thrash]

If there are any Christian Metal bands within the sub-genres of Death, Unblack, Thrash, Grindcore, Folk or Doom – let us know! We are always looking for new tunes to integrate into the Sanctus Gladius Radio stream!